Wednesday, May 31, 2017

write a snap judgment poem JUDGEMENT CALL

write a snap judgment poem. Some decisions (many decisions) are made without much thought; these are snap judgments. Sometimes these quick decisions lead to good outcomes; sometimes bad; but we all make them for big reasons and small.

PAD Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 395
By: Robert Lee Brewer | May 31, 2017

Oh, snap! I forgot to write 
a snap judgement poem.


The cat sits squarely
in the middle of the rug
balefully staring at me
with crazed blue eyes
because I won't get down
on hand and knee
to attempt to pet her.
Nothing like a scared bully
seeking obeisance 
from her loyal subjects.
She who sees danger
in every shadow, says
There will be no touching.
Here's my belly to tempt you.
If you touch it, if I don't run away,
I will bite you, and then I will
kick the shit out of you.
So, it's a judgement call
for both of us.


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