Sunday, September 23, 1979



I send you white chrysanthemums
frigid as the setting moon
bamboo crickets rub legs
in rhythm to rustling sheets


Saturday, September 22, 1979



chatter of birds bring in your rhythm
trees listen listen to the song of the wind in your leaves
a breath stirs the evening sky
it is a pool of water
clouds drift into darkness hemmed in by floating stars

crickets hum in autumn
crickets everywhere it is autumn
the equinox measures it
the moon drifts forevard to the edge
the final quarter is measured by crickets

bones stir uneasily in the night
sleep is hemmed in by the sound of crickets
leaves of summer it is moving towards winter
winter tugs at your stems
wind follows the song of birds
migrating to the sea of cortez
there are wrinkles in the sky
it is evening
clouds gather and crickets, still you hum.

Autumn Equinox
added 2/2017

Monday, September 17, 1979

Garbo’s Readings, journal

I read at Open Mike at Garbo’s on August 14. Probably work from my Diane diPrima workshop in June (we also had a reading at the SF Zen Center in June), or my Michael Dow workshop in July.

On Sept. 10, I read some new work at Garbo’s. Imagine the red wind, the sighs of women, the clinging order of the sea. A group reading and Open Mike, I read with Ken Valentine, Gordon Carrega, and Tom Roth.

On September 17, I read again at Garbo‘s, this time with Mendocino poet, Leonard Cirino, Annette Woods, Dan Propper and Tom Roth. I read from the white goddess, imagine the red wind, the sighs of women, the clinging odor of the sea. Still uncomfortable reading the personal revealing work in public, but people seem to like it.

I’m scheduled to read again on Oct. 22, another group reading with Ron Schilling, Lee Perron, Marianne Ware and Our Garbo’s Benefactor, novelist, Margie Summerfield.

Yay, I will be a featured reader on November 19 with Gregg Loew. More time to read, two sets, and there’s only two of us reading rather than a round robin.