Tuesday, April 17, 1979

Gary Snyder poster reading at College of Marin

This is sort of where it all began. I saw Gary Snyder at College of Marin; and said, "I can do that." At least, it was at the College of Marin reading that I began to take myself seriously as a poet. Clearly I have work that predates this date. This date works out as April 17, 1979. The back notes set the day of the week as a Wednesday for April 11, which makes it 1979. I thought it was earlier than that. Maybe something else will turn up. I had torn the poster in half to use the back as writing paper...

Sunday, April 1, 1979

Traces of the Goddess

Traces of the Goddess

she surveys the night because 
the answer is, of course,
traces of the goddess

a foot beneath the cover 
a light in the window

mostly in April 
new growth 
presses against 
the leafless tree

what brings you here 
bearing heavily down 
with such force? 

the pounding heart
sees the blood
here on the cut glass

these essences that spill 
she bites the flesh 
the body turns and heaves 
to a rhythm that lasts 'til dawn.

April 1979
added 2/2017