Friday, April 28, 1995

2 POEMS from 4Cs workshop, SSU

I am the last unicorn 
asleep in the dream of tomorrow
I would like to be the last star 
on your apron string.
My cold heart in your hands
soft as the baby sleeping, 
bones color of the sky 
with thoughts of the moon 
halfway home 
from the fantasy of the sky.

Four C's workshop 
Sonoma State University

I am the stillness of deer 
under midnight meadows 
where the moon comes to think.
The grass to me the direction of the wind. 
The trees taught me the speech of grass.
From the stars I learned to memorize 
the constellations 
carried on the backs of children, 
for the sky is my home.

Four C's workshop 
Sonoma State University

Tuesday, April 25, 1995


Inside my dreams,
flowers bloom
in the light of the sun
like a bird flying down
to the dreams of dragons.
Inside my dreams is a field
of rainbow horses
making the spring rush.

April 25, 1995
Higham Family School

Thursday, April 20, 1995

A RIFF from "The Man Who Tasted Shapes"

A RIFF on "The Man Who Tasted Shapes"
(a book about synesthesia by neurologist Richard Cytowic)

The blind man who perceives scarlet as the sound of the trumpet hears music when the sun warms his eyelids.

Newton, searched in vain for an algorithm to equate the vibrational frequency of sound with corresponding wavelengths of light. The search for universal correspondences among the senses.

A relativistic universe. Colored hearing, the idea of a correspondence between light and sound. The Theosophy of flight.

All shadows contain complementary colors of object casting shadows, think of Henche's color notes.

Alchemical zeal, transformation between I and cortex on the cellular level. A corollary.

Color consistency is an illusion. Light at sunrise is blue, at sunset it's red. What is the color of daylight from sunrise to sunset?

Decomposing light. Vision is contained a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Color, occupies an even narrower band of light.

polyopia: multiple ghost images, after the image has left the field of vision. What's not there.
palinopsia: afterimage, like seeing the sun, after the sun has set, a persistent kaliedoscope of memory. What's not there.

The act of seeing/tasting/hearing with one's own eyes is therefore an entirely subjective perception.

The idea as light, a word's taste and weight on the tongue, in the ear, in the mind's eye, is both abstract and malleable. Noetic and ineffable.

Agnosia: the not knowing. The inability to recognize things. What's really there. but not acknowledged by the brain.

Then there's the duality of the physics of light, which is simultaneously a wave and a particle. 

If you separate logic and emotion, you understand neither. It's a duality concept. 

I'm of two minds, one is wise beyond knowledge. The other is knowledge, but unwise when it comes to matters of the heart. The blackbird singing.

Conceptual systems. Metaphor based upon physics. What is real?

Try to write an objective definition of love, ontological metaphors rearrange memory, switch metaphors in midstream. Words cannot change reality. 

The physical foundations of a metaphor. The dichotomy of contradictory metaphor is up in the air. The conflict built within Plato: we are all prisoners of our feelings.

Hold fast to the sacred cord of reason, lest we be lost. Make that sacred chord. The schism between reason and emotion, you ask. Aristotle stated emotions carry their own form of logic, and that synesthesia is a subtractive experience. But it's really an additive experience. You get multiple input.

The logic of emotion is beyond our control. Valence, salience. What is most important? The sum total or what is most prominent? Collective or ego? Jamais vu, or déjà vu? What is not seen, or what is familiar? Choose.

Qualia: sub-seption, internal and subjective below our awareness, call it subconscious knowledge. What is simultaneously known and not known.

The transition between one state and another, from maximum to minimum, is the dimensionalist existence of a Cartesian point. Cogito ergo sum.

Then the idea that Plato's dichotomy between reason and emotion reenacted. 
Just don't approach the koan with intellect. One hand clapping, if a tree falls in the forest....

April 19 or 20, 1995
slightly rev. 16 Nov, 2015

But, though this piece is slightly revised for clarity's sake, such as it is, some of this prose piece, as did much of my writing during 1995, found its way into my long prose poem Building an Arc in the Dark of the Year (I posted it as a Jan., 1995 entry, but I was still working on it in April, and beyond). I was fixated on physics and synaesthesia. And the vagaries of the mind, love, the human heart. The poem grew to 36 entries. And then some. I couldn't stop writing about it.