Friday, May 19, 2017

Sob it Ted

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Poet: Alexander Valley School Poetry Journal notes.

Sob it Ted. LOL. I typed the word 'submitted' on my iPad and got Sob it Ted. It was so funny. I left it. Stet. I forgot what I was going to write. Who is Ted? Maybe I should have said, "Sob it, Ted." Nothing like predictive typing to create surreal posts.
Mark Adler said: William S. Burroughs wrote your software?
I was going to say that I managed to submit 5 kid poems to the CPITS anthology today, and am waiting for a teacher to send me student release forms. 

 Only thing is that I don't have wifi in Nicasio, so we're hanging at Toby's Barn in Pt. Reyes. Wifi be gone very, very soon... they're closing now. Guess I won't be submitting those last three poems. Terrible back spasms have me lying down on a picnic bench trying to catch up with email, Facebook, etc. I am truly fatigued.

Had a bit of a back spasm twinge this AM. Makes it hard to move normally. It sure wants to throw a wrench in things. I just keep moving slowly through the position I was in, try to ignore it (don't overreact or jerk...recoil). Not so bad that I have to take Flexeril. Yeah, my last resort, it makes me stupid as a fish. Even stupider than that...

Today I'm submitting student poems, and student release forms for the California Poets in the Schools statewide anthology. This has been one rollercoaster of a residency. No time for the wicked. Finally got it all in and done. Put it to bed, Ted.

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