Sunday, November 21, 1982

To Maureen in your fourth decade: a Sestina for my 30th Birthday

To Maureen in your fourth decade
Be sure to spend the season in Mexico.
Remember, ice melts the red hot licks of summer and spring.
Make sure you take a hike from forest Knolls to Tomales Bay.
From southerly licks, the red hot summer season
spreads grassy knolls to your moment.
Spring the tumbleweed down into the red hot summer
sleeping up into green meadows.
Be sure to have plenty of Guinness, a saucer in any season.
I have not spent any time in Mexico
And sometime during your 70s, we will sing together
in Dublin's fair city
and spend next summer picking huckleberries with your grandmother
And when you come back, be sure to practice your spear throwing
because the men who carry earth and bags are closing in on you.
If you need spears , I have several at my place.

In Mexico, hawks melt especially in spring from Bolinas to Petaluma.
The dish of Guinness wanders towards Dublin
Huckleberries are in leather bags.
Dehumidify your Volkswagen especially while eating strawberries.

Maureen,  in your fourth decade, go to Mexico
when the ice melts in TOmales Bay, take a hike to Foresville.
We'll all be there to meet you with the saucer of Guinness
because of the men with spears, because they carry bags of dirt.
I pass, Maureen, you should pickup your mail more often
on your way to Mexico from Tomales Bay
with your dehumidifiedVW, strawberries and Guinness,
pick up males on the road. Choose a nicer man. No more junk mail.
On your trip, may your bag contain the berries, beer, wisdom,
and the maturity of the recent past.
May it also contains the happiness of the future.
And made also contain first-class mail.

Maureen, in the 30th year, which is your fourth decade, take a hike.
Maybe lick the hot ice of summer and spring
Trek past that one with your saucer of Guinness
singing in Dublin with Mike, pick huckleberries with your grandmother
Take a spear and dehumidify your VW. Pick up your mail.

May your fourth decade be multiplied by your sixth sense in your fifth decade.
With the saucer of Guinness by your side, look forward
remember the days, not to be too mindful of sword flashing in Guatemala.
Always dehumidify your VW with strawberries,
remember to pick up your mail.
Have a good time while rolling down into the Russian River.

Spent a season in the hot licks of Mexico
with your saucer Guinness and the summer
spearing huckleberries with your grandmother.
Remember to dehumidify the bagman in your VW
and pick up your male more often whoever he is.
When you multiply your sixth sense in your fourth decade
so that your fifth decade will have seven blessings
while your VW rolls down the hill to the river.
Then next fall, take your new dancing shoes and hot stockings
to the mouth of the river and dance and Irish jig
while the pelicans dive for fish.
Go to the Pink Elephant and get drunk.
Get your VW lowered, chopped, cherried, and painted metallic blue
Cruise down to Mexico. Drink Guinness and Dos Exxes.
Cruise to Tomales, lay down in some river.
Take your grandmother to Stony Point Rd. and pick up some males.
Go down to the mouth of the river and celebrate
while the whales spout. And always keep the crows nest in your heart
in your fourth decade, and stop to pick the violets and wildflowers.


I had a huge bash at Zara Altair's. Poets included Lee Perron, Mike Tuggle, Susan Kennedy, Simone Wilson, Jim Byrd—most of my old boyfriends...

Monday, November 1, 1982



Purple cutouts of mountains,
etched valleys and cold creeks 
tumbling over boulders where ice forms 
on the edges, rising steam off the laguna 
shrouds the lone heron croaking at dawn.
I walk through the mist-filled trees looking 
for the mystery, white light leaps from eddys 
and drops from ice, swims blindly downstream 
and falls into a blue pool at dawn. 

11/1982, or early1983?
added 9/15/2016
minor changes

random poems and notes on small pieces of paper 1982

Found poems my notes on small pieces of paper 1982

The difference between 
the FBI and the CIA 
is like the difference between 
scotch and bourbon.

Clemency for goat rock
Will this stretch of road support Winnebagos, 
a parking lot with TV antennas and stereos
Sacrilege of another California monument. 

If we had some ham 
we'd have ham and eggs 
Now if we only had some eggs 
—Irish saying

We make light-years leaping with other people
Yes but the wind was locked within the woods 


The ghosts upstairs are moving furniture at night 
while the rest of the world sends out for coffee

added 9/2016 oddities, at best.