Thursday, May 18, 2017

Almost done. Almost.

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Poet: Alexander Valley School Poetry Journal notes.

I managed to print just enough books for each class and the school board before the copy machine gave up the ghost for good. I don't even have a final hard copy.

Here's hoping the copy guy can get the machine fixed before Open House at 6 pm. With or without the extra copies, the show must go on.... Our poetry reading begins at 6 PM. Taking a little downtime while I can. Almost done. Almost.

Well that's done. Successful reading all round. New Superintendent-Principal liked the poetry readings. We all went out to the secret AV bar behind the wine tasting room at the crossroads after Open House. Matt Reno was buying. But I was too tired to drink. Too tired to also drive back to Nicasio or Oakland, my back really hurts now. I needs must sleep.

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