Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Full Haka Stance

Yiii! I almost doused Oakland poetry slam champ Brennan DeFrisco who was leaning in to knock on the open front door to pick up a poetry contract —just as I was barreling out with a gallon pitcher of water in hand.

I greeted him with a puffed up warrior stance (think scaredycat) replete with a complimentary blood-curdling yowl. Old Maori tradition. Hold that water!

He leaped back (luckily, not off the porch or down the steps backwards).

I said: Erm, This is your CPITS Area Coordinator speaking. The look on his face: priceless. He ohorere nui. Serious adrenaline rush. You can't say I wasn't prepared to launch. And for my next haka trick....

I don't often answer the front door, but when I do, it's in full haka stance. Works wonders on Jehovah's Witnesses too.

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