Monday, May 15, 2017

Roving artist epic fail

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Poet: Alexander Valley School Poetry Journal notes.

Dang, managed to get all my teaching gear, light table and drawing supplies, food, clothing packed in the car and I was on the road to Alexander Valley School by 7 AM, only to find when I arrived in the parking lot, I didn't pack my laptop. So I will need to reverse my steps, that's a whole lotta driving hours for today. Bummed. Last night, I was so tired, I fell asleep by 7 PM, otherwise, I would've had it packed. Grrr.


Last night I fell asleep on my student journals,
awoke at midnight, disoriented, where am I?
Who am I? Poetry imprinted on my cheeks.
Discombobulated, I forgot to pack my laptop,
or email those student poetry files to myself.
Could've saved myself some grief.
Clearly I was toast. Make that toasted.
Maybe even burnt toast. Ah, the life of a roving artist
was what I wanted? What was I thinking?
Careful what you wish for, but 9 to 5 doesn't suit.


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