Monday, February 28, 2011

RIP Juanita Musson

My mom worked as a waitress for Juanita at the Galley in Sausalito. She made Sally Lacy's (Marilyn' Monroe's stand-in) clothes—and many of Juanita's muu-muus too. I remember the fawn and the monkey.

My story: You rarely got what you wanted at Juanita’s Restaurant, but you got a lot of it

Candy Philpot-Hall Good story and memories for you. My unofficial "Auntie" was Sally Stanford a family friend/ Sunday brunches at Vallhalla were a highlight of my childhood. I loved her parrot swore like a sailor.

Added 2/2017 from facebook

Juanita Musson, colorful restaurateur, dies at 87

Juanita Musson, the outrageous and muu-muued former Sonoma Valley restaurateur who 40 or 50 years ago might arrive at a table holding her pet pig or monkey and might answer a patron's complaint by tipping a heaping plate into his lap, died Saturday. She was 87....
After running restaurants from 1953 to 1984 in Sausalito, Sonoma Valley, Contra Costa County's Port Costa, Fairfield and finally Winters in Yolo County, a long-sober and mellowed Juanita returned to Sonoma County more than 25 years ago to retire.
Late San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen discovered Juanita in Sausalito and wrote multiple times about her overflowing personality and the eggs, slabs of ham and butter-soaked muffins that burdened her plates. Comics and other entertainers — The Smothers Brothers, Jonathan Winters, Bill Cosby, Noel Coward — made their way their across the Golden Gate Bridge following late-night performances in San Francisco.
"She was something else," Tommy Smothers said Saturday night from his home in Kenwood. He remembers being out late with his brother, Dick, and friends in San Francisco in the late &‘50s and going to Juanita's place in Sausalito at 3 or 4 a.m. for breakfast.
"She was the most intimidating personality," Smothers said. He found her also to be charming, fiery and fearless, someone he equates with the likes of Alan Watts and Margot St. James. "There was a naturalness. There was no pretense about them," he said.
"Juanita never tried to hype herself," Smothers said. "Her sense was very in the present. She didn't reminisce very much. She was right there...."
While in Sausalito, Juanita befriended madam and eventual mayor Sally Stanford. Often enough Juanita was asked if she'd worked for Stanford and she'd reply, "I never charged a nickel from a horizontal position."  —read the entire article at the Press Democrat