Sunday, January 1, 1978

About this collection of poems, memoir and whatnot

About this collection, the first poetry journal I found dates from June 8, 1979, so most of my early poems did not make it into the digital format. (I've since found a bunch of earlier work, no journals—hand-calligraphed poems for David Bromige's poetry class at Sonoma State, F 78), so I've moved this post from June, 1979, to Jan of 1978). I think June, 1979 was when I first began to take myself seriously as a poet. Reading the earlier, work I don't think I'll be publishing most of it, unless it's a version.

I'm still hunting down the polished versions, and will post them as I go, so check back early and often. Whenever possible—especially if there's a huge discrepancy between the final copy of a poem as compared to first write, I've tried to post the handwritten version below. If I have the date of revision, it's posted. But not always.

How I embarked upon this endeavor, was after an accidental posting for a poem with the wrong date sent it way onto the past. MY blog organized with old and new work, came to a standstill. I couldn't find anything.

Then I was opening up some old digital files, and began to notice that some pieces (if I could open them), were missing chunks of text—most notably the end lines. So the race was on to get all my stuff online. Well, maybe, not ALL, but at least the strong stuff. If I changed a word or two, I don't add a rev. note. But most of this early stuff was posted mid-to late 2015. If I had any other substantiating info, especially the handwritten version, I posted that as well. Very archival.