Monday, September 15, 1980


— from The Scream, by Edvard Munch

Ferry me across the water.
I am the madwoman,
the raftsman is asleep.
No, I am the raft,
madness is asleep.

The children who gather around me
have been here before,
their bruised eyes witness
the tedium of living.

Visions in the mind reflect
in the pool of the eye.
I fear their faces under my fingers.
They melt grotsesquely into the river
& the silent scream is on their lips.

These are the children of Munch
floating in their saline nursery.
It is the glance of the child
complete in my likeness
I will never see in the mirror.

I have only their eyes.
It is there too in memory.
Madness is complete.
I am Charon across the water.
The river is asleep.

rev. 1988