Sunday, January 11, 1970

School busing discontinued because of Reaganomics 1/11/1970

The IJ says Mon., Jan 11, but there was no Mon. Jan 11th in 1967, '68, '69, or '70.

Good old Reaganomics slashed funding for our school bus services. We were the first to feel the ramifications of it, as few families had cars, the San Geronimo Valley was poor. But this meant we were hitchiking in earnest—twice a day, every day, rain or shine, just to get to school. Which meant you never knew when you would arrive at school, or when you'd get home. You never knew where you'd be let off, so no matter what, you were walking a mile or two. For me, hoofing it to school was 8.7 miles over White's Hill, one way. That's 17.5 miles a day. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. was not set up for walking. It was quite dangerous going over White's Hill. No bike lanes then. Walking for pleasure is one thing, forced marching to and from school every day that distance is another thing—especially during storms. Not to mention the time involved—all this because Ronald Reagan cut back back school funding.

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