Saturday, December 31, 1983

Richard Salzman (drawing, 1983)

I was trying to get rid of the lined paper. Didn't succeed.

Photocopy of Richard Salzman drawing, 1983

Duane BigEagle (drawing ca 1983)

Not sure when this drawing was made. 83? 84? I'm surprised I didn't destroy it. He was such a dishonest shit at the end. Breaking up with me at a CPITS conference. I was humiliated. I had no idea he was playing the field. We'd been seeing each other for at least a year.

Four sketches (art)

four quick in-class contour line drawings (not sure of the year)

Poets of the Vineyard award, First Place, Free Verse (for what poem?)

Poets of the Vineyard award, First Place, Free Verse
(not sure for what poem, I've a note that it's for FEAST OR FAMINE, but I think that isn't right. They didn't list the poem on the certificate. I never thought to write the info on the back...)
Sonoma County Chapter, California Federation of Chaparral Poets
Winnie Fitzpatrick, President

Sunday, December 25, 1983

TENDING THE GARDEN (Merry Christmas Boschka)


My grandmother sends her love
She says you should try more carrot juice
made fresh. 30 carats a day.
Sounds excessive to me
but then grandmothers usually are.
That's why we love them so.
Their wisdom, prairie flowers of thought.
The buffalo robe is spread
on the ample laps of grandmothers.
This robe is your robe, my robe, our laps part.
She wants to know
how the gooseberry bush is doing,
do you need another?
She tends the garden like a robe
The garden is spread before us
like a lamb of hope, of love.
You're the mother-friend I never had
You are the love of grandmothers,
of mothers, of daughters.
Merry Christmas Boschka,
I love you.

She tends to the garden
she tends the garden
she tends the garden.

added 11/16