Friday, April 1, 1988


It was an unusually dry year in 1820 when the
farmer's plow hit a stone in the fallow field of Melos.
Thinking it was a building block to salvage,
Theodore Kentortaus wrested from the earth
the object of perfect love.

When he pulled the goddess Aphrodite (or Venus)
from the shallow grave, he fell in love,
spent an unmeasured amount of time in his shed
gazing upon her beauty, 'til his wife, jealous,
sold her to the French. Was it the maddening April winds
or the vestiges of an older story
that fanned her rage?

When Venus was hoisted onto the French frigate
she saw the sea was curved like a bell,
she escaped into the water. Her white arms
were lost when the sailors tried to raise her
from Posideon's watery depths.
Some say it was because she didn't want to leave Greece.
A fisherman fell in love with her,
gathered up her pitiful broken arms,
rowed far out into the Aegean and tossed them overboard
so she would always embrace the boats of the fishermen.

Men searched the sea in vain for her arms,
unable to find the watery X the fisherman marked.
Now, only fish gaze upon the beauty of her white arms:
one hand holding the hard-won golden apple of discontent
the other gathering up her robes as she received
the judgement of Paris. Hera's final revenge—
a skirmish broke out between the French and Germans.
A stray shot chipping a piece from the face of Venus,
mutilating the immortal beauty that Paris claimed.

rev. 3/89



1. If word processing is possible
with only a limited memory,
how many rams does it take to equal one rom?
If I work in total darkness
will my eyes reflect the phosphor tubes
or will I pass for a feral night animal
hunting under the cover of darkness
for prehistoric prey in a literate world?

Is there total enlightenment at the end of the screen
or is the dark worse than the byte?
Ram Ram Ram Ram

2. The ultimate dada experience:
to write the manuscript of a lifetime
on a floppy disk, not make a hard copy,
and then run a magnet across it.
The ferrous molecules will line up
and attain perfect enlightenment.
Ram Dass Baba Ram Hass
Bob Doss Ram Baba peach flambé.

4/88? 89?

when was this first written? was filed in 1980, I think that's a typo
from newspaper clippings

Oh dear, this is rather striking too close to home.

(See Hidden Logic)

I found a hard copy of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY, two versions, actually... no date, but v.1. is dot matrix, so 87 is probably correct.