Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All the book bits are done

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Poet: Alexander Valley School Poetry Journal notes.

All the book bits are done. Today we design our final pages for the book! My favorite part.

The drive up to AVS and back to Oakland after teaching all day got the best of me. My back's traumatized from five hours of sitting in the car and five hours of teaching. Tomorrow I will head back up the road to Alexander Valley around 11AM. I should avoid the traffic, which will make a huge difference.

We had to revise tomorrow's schedule as there was no time for me to drive up and back and still have time to do final edit four classes worth of poems by 9 AM.

Some promising book covers (front, back, and intro pages) came in today. To do: covers, my intro, and final paste up, running it off, stapling it. Deadline is 5 PM Thursday. Will I make it?

Not reading any Facebook until my AVS poetry book is put to bed, printed, collated, bound, and we've had our poetry readings on Thursday night at Open House. Nose to the grindstone. Someone please send virtual wine and chocolate. Maybe flowers too. (My Facebook peeps obliged.) A teacher gave me a piece of chocolate and I drooled on a kid's final poetry page.... urg. Glad it wasn't wine. I don't get out much.

I finished the final edits on one class last night, and did part of another, then fell asleep on top of the pile of student journals. Luckily I have a few hours gracetime in the morning before it begins again. Home stretch. Will finish up Julie's 4th Grade class in the AM. I text Shannon, saying I'm ready.

5/17: A last minute text from Shannon, saying that we're swapping classes, this throws a wrench in the schedule. Argh! I'm only half way through Colleen's class, an hour to go before I need to leave. Will I make it? I drive 80 miles up 101 at nearly 80 mph, and slide into the school parking lot with five minutes to spare. Can't believe I made it on time. I look like a startled deer or a cat on LSD.

Two classes have finished designing their poetry pages. They look great. Two more classes to go. Still need to do final edits on one class....I'm balking. It's a big one. Tired. Very tired. Home stretch. 

All the book bits are done, I ran off a dozen prototypes, I will do one last read for typos in the AM, then print it! Kid poetry reading 6 to 7 PM. We're gonna make the deadline.

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