Thursday, October 22, 1998


I tell the kids sitting in a darkened room
Yellow is a narrow band of sunlight
Green and cyan are the dream of the ocean
Magenta, nearly invisible, a fugitive
bleeds into red, you can’t tell where one stops
And the other begins. It bends back toward the light.
Purple and indigo are somewhere far beyond the sea.
On the distant borders of sight.
The tail of indigo is always the longest,
But it’s hardest to see where it ends.
RGB Always wants to make music of the spheres.
But cyan and blue are transitional
a mercurial folding into the tail, like a comet.
Of course they can be distorted by angle and light.
Prisms and crystals also control the shapes.
I throw banded light across the room with the prism.
My crystal wine glass also creates gorgeous patterns
almost dendritic, with ridges and curve of lens.
Jackson, a kindergartner asked if I was a magician
because I threw light across the room onto the walls.
Cody thought taste came from taste bugs.

Higham Family School
rev. 6/00