Tuesday, May 1, 1979



The honey bees dangle
on the wild cherry blossoms 
snowing on the ground

i sit on the porch
windows cobwebbed and painted 
frame the afternoon

sonorous buzzings 
yellowjackets devour 
fallen cherry plums

yellow leaves swirling
burned cuttings in bonfire split 
wood stacked up high

open the windows
coastal snow and rain sweep in 
gather wood for warmth

sit by the iron stove
wood from the cherry plum glows 
thru the freezing night

bright budding branches
sap runs upward during thaw 
night blackens new growth

sap runs in yr veins
the stirring of dormant seed 
and budding flower

smell of musk honey 
on yr fingers, on yr beard 
mingles on our bodies

stamen and pistil
the anther and the ovum
pollinates the fruit

warmth of sun on skin 
nibble upon ripened fruit 
and nourish the fire

tongues seek out nectar 
limbs seek shelter from the night 
lips touch each other

on yr arms i am 
gathered up again for warmth 
in the freezing night

the honeyed scent drifts 
up in smoke to the nostrils 
blood warms and flows

Chinook breezes blow 
sap runs with energy renewed
bees stir in their hives

bees stir in their hives 
fragrant cherry plum blossoms 
unfurl their petals

Spring 1979
added 2/2017