Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Nothing like Shrove, or Fat Tuesday pancakes for dinner, My grannie always made pancakes for dinner. We were so excited. It was Sunday morning verging on Tuesday night. No funny papers. But even still, it was exciting.

My grannie made everything from scratch. Not even Bisquick snoozed in our pantry. But you can use any quick-bread, or pancake mix and adulterate it. Make some pancakes using buttermilk, oil and pancake mix, then add way too many eggs.

If the recipe asks for one egg, I add three or more eggs. You can also add a little seltzer water, or ginger ale or anything bubbly to add a delicate airiness to the pancakes. Batter should be runny, let it sit a half hour, or longer, to thicken up.

Grease a big pan with butter, spread the pancake batter thin, like crepes. I use a soup ladle. Stack 'em up on a warm plate. You'll need to add butter to the pan for each pancake. Half a pat. Salted butter is too much. Ruins the delicate flavor.

Filling: mix cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, or sour cream, vanilla sugar, zest and juice of one lemon, OK, so spike it with maple syrup too. Spread on pancake and roll it up like a cigar and smoke it.

One year I went wild with flavored Wensleydale cheeses, studded with dried apricots, and lemon rind. They were delicious, but way too heavy and boggily filling. Stick with cottage cheese and tart it up.

Filling no. 2: spread pancake with Mexican extra fat sour cream (it has a much better flavor than American sour cream) on a pancake, then smear it with good raspberry preserves. I like seedless preserves vs raspberry jam. (I hate blueberries, but that could be a hit. Or huckleberry jam if you can find it). Roll it up. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar. Olé!

Filling no. 3: spread pancake with butter, really good marmalade or jam. Eat.

Deluxe edition. Drink one glass champagne, or spumante between each step, and don't forget to take a sip or two as you liberate each pancake from the pan, of course. By they time you have enough for a meal, you won't care what day of the week it is.

Shrove it Jack!

ever so slightly revised 2/28/2017

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