Thursday, July 9, 2015

Recipe for Bone Broth

Jaysus, so it's finally come to this, we now need tutorial recipes to make soup from bones? How/when did that happen? A nation of eejits. My cousins' children were making fun of my aunt for making bone soup, sawing eww and gross. I was flummoxed. That's how my grannie always made soup, with bones. Not out of a can. How do they think broth is made? How did it get into that Imagine carton? There's a great medieval cookbook, To the King's Taste (TTKT), and my Celtic Studies professor, the abfab Daniel F. Melia once queried us as to why the cookbook was created. Because people were beginning to forget how to cook, he said. I once put on an entire Chaucerian banquet using that cookbook. Smyting chicken and  beef into gobbets. OK, so the salmon head/skin soup was a little gross, but everything else was good, but it was a lot of work. And so it goes, a recipe for bone broth. TTKT. Stet.

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