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Write, Sing, and Move the Future Poetry Writing & Teaching Symposium

Join us for a fantastic poetry & teaching symposium

Write, Sing, and Move the Future
Poetry Writing & Teaching Symposium

with California Poets In the Schools,
August 23-25, 2013
at La Casa de Maria
in Santa Barbara, California

Deadline to register is coming up SOOOON!

Laure-Anne Bosselaar grew up in Belgium and earned her MFA from Warren Wilson. She taught poetry workshops for the WITS program in Colorado, and co-directed the Aspen Writers' Conference from 1989-1992. Laure-Anne has been awarded a Breadloaf fellowship and a Pushcart prize. Her collections include The Hour Between Dog and Wolf (BOA Editions) and Small Gods of Grief (BOA) which won the Isabella Gardner Prize for Poetry. Her collection A New Hunger (Ausable/Copper Canyon) was an ALA Notable Book.
Juan Felipe Herrera is California’s Poet Laureate. Juan Felipe grew up as the son of migrant workers and attended UCLA, Stanford and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. He has written books in many genres including books for children and Lotería Cards and Fortune Poems: A Book of Lives (City Lights). Juan Felipe’s awards include an American Book Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the National Book Critics Circle award for his poetry collection Half the World in Light (University of Arizona Press). Once a poet-teacher with CPITS, Juan Felipe is currently Professor of Creative Writing at UC Riverside.


Seretta Martin // Poetry with an Edge
What’s missing in much of the American poetry written today? Does it win the hearts and minds of young poets or has it become too ascetic and cerebral? Joining the revolution that Tony Hoagland calls the “edge of sustained, concerted thought – jubilant, freewheeling, associative, collage poetry” we’ll encounter and write poems with EDGE. Seretta Martin is the author of Foreign Dust Famliar Rain, hosts a reading series, and is assistant director of the Border Voices Project in San Diego County where she is a poet in the schools.
Prartho Sereno // Song Writing for the Absolute Beginner
With our love of word, image, and rhythm, we poets are lyricists by nature. In this playshop we’ll add tonal variation to give our poems melodic wings. Various exercises  will help us integrate word/meaning/sound. No musical experience necessary. Recipient of a Radio Disney Super Teacher Award, Prartho’s publications include Call from Paris and the song-CD Don’t Ask Why.

Alice Pero // Finding One’s Vision with Rhythm and the Created Space
Learn universal, freeing exercises that find the sweet creative spot. Students enter poetry through magic portals that lead to the inner world. Use of rhythm and "now" space. Los Angeles dancer, musician and poet-teacher Alice Pero will share holistic music and dance techniques that used successfully for over 20 years.

Tree Bernstein // Luminous Lunchbox Lunes
Sometimes called “American Haiku,” these bite-sized poems are a tasty option for poets who like  variety in their diet. We’ll follow poet Jack Collom’s variation on the lune with three short-lines, counting words, not syllables. Brevity begets wit as poets fine-tune focus, rendering luminous lunes, small enough to fit in a lunchbox. Tree Bernstein teaches Creative Writing at the Brooks Institute and is Ventura County CPITS Area Coordinator. Her poetic advice column appears regularly online and in the Ojai Quarterly.

Daryl Chinn // Demystifying the CPITS Program
This workshop will provide new poets teachers with information and tools needed to become a field poet. It will include training, selling the program, filling out paperwork, information on Poetry Out Loud and an overview of the organization. Each poet will receive a variety of sample lessons plans for different grade levels. Daryl Ngee Chinn writes and makes books about tango, food, relations, love, and death. Daryl Chinn is a former California Poets in the Schools Board President and ambassador for the program.

Fernando D. Castro // Tasty Kitchen Table Poems: Multicultural Recipes, Healing, Magic Potions, and Feastings
Families treasure original recipes that have been passed from generation to generation. Such recipes offer great opportunities to write about culture, memory and cherished family relationships. There is also an inherent connection to the preparation of healing and magic potion and spells. Poetic language lends itself to incantation and magical rituals. Please bring a family recipe and cooking spices. Fernando Castro is the winner of a City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs COLA 2010 fellowship in Literature.

Dan Zev Levinson // Babble—The Sound of Language
We often write poetry to take language to a new place and to say something in a new way. We will experiment, push boundaries of babble mixed with meaning, and look to masters’ and students’ samples before writing our own. Then we’ll segue into the unexpectedness of anti-poetry. Area Coordinator for Humboldt, Trinity, and Del Norte counties, Dan Zev Levinson joined CPITS in 1998. He teaches up to 1,000 students yearly, including those in court-ordered and alternative schools.

Claire Blotter // Where Poetry Meets Movement and Dances!
We'll explore how movement sparks poetry and how the rhythm of words inspires movement. Learn fun movement-chants for figurative language; write talk-yell poems; and discover how non-literal movement in 4 line poems can jazz up poetry writing for all ages. Marin performance poet Claire Blotter has been moving with poetry, keeping the beat with body rhythms, and chanting with children and adults for more than 30 years. She’s toured from San Diego to Portland performing poems from her third chapbook, Moment in the Moment House.

Michael McLaughlin  //  Your Move: Dance into Poetry/Poetry into Dance
Michael McLaughlin recently collaborated with the Spector Dance Company of Monterey and Rancho Cielo in Salinas to offer 8 poetry and movement workshops. One goal of the project was to reach young adults at-risk or on probation. Come turn your poetry into movement and join in this poetic sweep of dance. Currently shopping around his second novel, victim of enthusiasms, Michael McLaughlin was Poet Laureate of San Luis Obispo in 2003.

Blake More // Mayan Stelae Poetry Collage
This collage/poetry workshop uses Mayan Stelae as a defining foundation for the art-word expression of the cultural landscape of each participating poet. Students are provided with a background on the image/ word/concepts used in traditional Mayan stelae. Then each uses traditional Mayan themes to express a unique cultural identity, using a stelae-shaped template, collage, and image-based poetry.
Mendocino County Area Coordinator and poet teacher Blake More has many creative voices and expressions, including poetry, performance, radio, costume design and painting.

Shelley Savren // The Four Elements: Meditation, Writing & Healing
We’ll begin with ‘heart rhythm meditation” using the four elements: air, fire, water, earth. We’ll then do a guided meditation calling up painful events and discovering places inside ourselves where we can transform them into healing experiences. We’ll read poems on the elements and write poems originating from our journey. Shelley Savren, author of The Common Fire and The Wild Shine of Oranges, has been a CPITS poet since 1975.

Johnnierenee Nia Nelson // 51 Shades of Grief:  Exploring Empty Spaces
After reading and discussing the works of selected poets, participants will then write their own poem and share what they have written if they so choose. Subject matter is not limited to the death of a loved one, but can include, loss of health, friendship, a cherished dream; job loss; a relationship breakup, death of a pet, or loss of safety after a trauma. Johnnierenee Nia Nelson is a widely-published performance poet who has written six books of poetry and has taught workshops from Cairo, Egypt to Vancouver, Canada. She is the CPITS area coordinator for San Diego County.

Karen Lewis// Go for the Gold: Prospecting and Writing Winning Grants
Learn ways to fund teaching gigs, your own creative projects, or professional development. Where to start. Where to dig. How to deliver a perfect proposal. Build relationships with foundations and allied arts/community groups. Share your ideas and leave with templates and treasure maps for future quests. Karen Lewis has created winning grants for many programs including Poets & Writers, Arts Council of Mendocino County, and CAC/AIS.

Perie Longo// Incredible Feeling: Art and Poetry Across Age and Setting Spectrum This workshop is based on the book The Girl with the Incredible Feeling by Elizabeth Swandos. We will draw the feeling, write the poem, and share. We’ll discuss how the project can be adapted from 2nd grade to older participants in a variety of settings including kids at risk. Sample illustrations and poems provided. Perie Longo, Santa Barbara’s Poet Laureate 2007‐09, has been a CPITS teacher since 1985, an area coordinator, and an anthology editor. Perie is also a psychotherapist and registered poetry therapist who delights in using poetry to help others find their voices, comfort and inspiration through the written word.

Our Mission

Founded in 1964, California Poets in the Schools is one of the largest literary artists-in-residence programs in the nation. We encourage students throughout California to recognize and celebrate their creativity, intuition, and intellectual curiosity through the creative poetry writing process. We provide students with a multicultural community of published poets, specially trained to bring their experience and love for their craft into the classroom. CPITS serves 25,000 students annually in hundreds of public and private schools, juvenile halls, after-school programs, hospitals, and other community settings.

Casa de Maria

Casa de Maria is an historic Santa Barbara retreat center located in the alluring Santa Ynez Mountains. Set in a secret garden, guarded by woodlands and the tumbling waters of the San Ysidro Creek, there are tranquil settings for relaxation, rejuvenation, creative pursuits, and inspiration. A swimming pool, hiking trails and healthful meals add to the ambience. Recently renovated rooms with private baths are set in park-like grounds beneath oaks and star-filled night skies. This sanctuary exists just minutes from Santa Barbara’s beaches, train station, airport, and other attractions.

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