Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GooglePomes: WHY? HOW?

Yesterday, as I was working on a blog, I was researching about Ivanpah, and typed "why" in the search box of Google. I never got to the question as I was startled to get an impromptu volunteer "found" poem from Google. So, then I tried "how." Not as successful. Ridiculous use of Google search engines, I know. But the frivolity of it all appeals.

Someone else who saw my Facebook post attempted a "why" poem as well, and his second line was: why is my poop green? Needless to say, the rest of the poem was pretty shitty as well. Perhaps he was green with envy. I guess so much depends upon one's previous browsing history.

To be fair, I did attempt some Google poem collaborations before about a year ago, and I posted them on Facebook but I had forgotten all about them. Until now. So, I thought these would make fine companion pieces. 

Sometimes when I'm alone I pretend I'm a carrot is, by far, the most peculiar line yet. Never would have crossed my mind. Maybe if I was a donkey and I had a stick and a bit of string, maybe.

And even more accidental Google pomes: 8/18/13

See also MECHANICAL POEMS for my more regrettable lines.

And now there are even blogs devoted to Google auto-complete poems!
OPINION: Google search is poetry in motion has an article: "The idea of Google Poetry began with a blog Google Poems, launched 12 months ago by Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo."

Um, Rod Chester, that's not quite right —the terminus post quem is not with these folks. I've been snagging Google poems for more than a year. And I bet others have been collecting them too.


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