Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cat Composing on the Keyboard

Rowfft! Moveit, ya wee qwerty bastard! When I had cats, yes, they LOVED the keyboard. All that psychic energy emanating from it, I guess. Added to the fact that I was paying more attention to it than the cat. Only caveat, was that I had an Apple 2C, and, later a PowerBook—so it was a bit crowded on the keyboard with a purring, drooling cat fondly gazing into my eyes. Here, let me lift your catwoogers (bellyskirt) draped over the top of the keyboard. Sometimes I had my own live fur finger mittens as I typed. No cats were harmed in the process, but I typed many strange poems in a heretofore unknown language. Talk about touch-typing! I'm sure Molly Fisk has some funny cattyping stories as well.

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