Sunday, April 7, 2013

LIE poem prompt

The secret to staying asleep at night
is to go to bed late, keeping yourself awake,
but not too stimulated—no good books,
no great movies, or charming lovers.
Reruns will do, but don't forget to set the timer
or you'll waken to the TV blaring in an empty room
with infomercial trying to sell you gawd knows what
and later, you'll have inexplicable cravings for
Congolium floors or timeshares
but the problem with timers is that
like with alarms clocks
you'll second guess when they'll go off
dozing cozily in the middle of the rerun
missing the climax, only to wake to a disjointed ending
and the writer in you will attempt to resolve the storyline
and there you are, at three am with owl's eyes
staring at the ceiling but it's all too banal to record.


PADI: write a sevenling poem. Never heard of a sevenling poem? Well, it’s a 7-line poem (chosen because today is the 7th day of the challenge) that features two tercets and a one-liner in the final (third) stanza. The first two stanzas should have an element of three in them that can either play off each directly, work as juxtaposition, or have no connection whatsoever. The final line should work as either a punchline, weird twist, or punctuation mark.

NaPoWriMo: poem that tells a lie. I think you could have a poem that’s all lies (that could be very funny — full of things like “the sun is the size of a nickel”) or a poem that steadily builds to telling one big whopper. I can imagine these being very poignant, or very much like goofy shaggy-dog stories. I suppose it all comes down to what you want to lie about!

Molly Fisk: April 7 prompt: The secret to staying asleep all night.

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Write an ode to one regret that you have. (For more information on the ode, visit


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