Monday, April 1, 2013


Most years I attempt to do the Poem a Day challenge, or, let's say, I have good intentions. The last solid April poetry writing month I had was in 2009! Otherwise, it's sporadic. 2010 wasn't bad. 2011 I boycotted, but made it up in Nov. Sort of.

Suddenly the month's half-gone (too many other deadlines—and taxes—and yes, I'm writing this in arrears, erm, advance), and I haven't put poems to paper, or cyber ink. This year I started on April 11th (I wrote a few bits in my head, then promptly forgot them). I got six poems done, It's a start.

OK, so I'm six poems behind. Thatcher's death took up a big chunk of my writing time—but I needed to banish that ghost, in case you're wondering what Thatcher is doing in the middle of this poetry run. Even if I fall off the wagon, I'll still kepp posting the poem prompts, in case you feel motivated. Meanwhile, it's a reminder to me to get back on the wagon.

With the best of intentions, I dutifully collected writing prompts from three sources. Then they got all jumbled up, so naturally, some of the prompts are out of order.  So much for that plan. I went with Molly's prompts as the guide, because she dates them. And they're mercifully short. But ultimately it doesn't matter because—however you choose to do it—the point is to write a poem a day. There is no test. Just the math = 30 poems.

So I'm lazy, but my eyeteeth are latched onto far horizons. I collect all three strains of prompts to either give myself three choices, or to write three poems a day. Not gonna happen—she said from experience.

However, I've found that the near impossible challenge of combining all three prompts, is so weird, so as to be of interest. Call it juxtaposition. Ultimately it'll be like Frank O'Hara's poem about oranges, Why I Am Not a Painter.

Everything here is really first draft. Make that 0.5 draft. Words to fill the assignment. The idea is to get it down in one to 5 minutes, and then endlessly revise some of them in May. So, feel free to use some of these prompts in any way you see fit.

I've posted four very different kinds of prompts, and yes, there are bound to be some overlaps, but interesting ones. That make 120 prompts total. I hope you'll join me. Tho I may be sporadic in my posting.

PAD: Robert Brewer's Writers' Digest a Poem a Day You can post your poems on his webpage. There's a chapbook contest at the end.

NaPoWriMo: National Poem Writing Month is an annual project where poets write a poem a day during April. NaPoWriMo, founded in 2003, is modeled after NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. See the Wikipedia entry for NaPoWriMo!

Molly Fisk: as Herself, with Lisa Cihlar. If you're on Facebook, check out and Like Molly Fisk - Writer, Teacher, Speaker

See 30 Day Poetry Challenge on Facebook too. Robert Fontella provides most of the prompt ideas. You can post your poems there as well. Possible publication too. More info here on 30DPC.

Good luck!

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