Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pieces of the sky (photos)

Ithuriel's spears, or grassnut. Bulbs are tasty, but a bit slimy. Flowers are too pretty to eat the corms. Ithuriel's spears are now in a new genus under Brodiaeoideae. Triteleia laxa, also known as triplet lilies.

I posted these flowers as a poetic Proustlike madeline moment for a dear friend Jack Crimmins. In Blake's Tyger, Tyger, Ithuriel's spears watered heaven with their tears. Every time I see them I can't help but recite the poem. Their color is so extraordinary, they are small bits of a lost paradise. (Milton).

Photo is by the big pool and waterfall as you begin to descend from Big Rock to the redwoods. Different watershed than Miller Creek where Jack grew up. I still remember the day we sat on the swings in Cotati Park and laid down our poetic manifestos to live oak, air and blue sky.

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