Saturday, June 21, 2014

Solstice rant after getting flame mail from a stranger

FWIW, the front end of the horse gets up first. My equine expertise—I come from a long line of horse whisperers. I rode damned near every four-legged ungulate I could throw a leg over (except deer). I grew up on donkey, pony, steer, horseback. I wanted to be a vet. My quaterhorse was a racehorse with bad knees. My mother was crazy and very hep. Thank you notes weren't in her lexicon. She was anti-establishment. She knew Timothy Leary. Nuff said. I have several half-brothers—most were complete surprises. No sisters. I was named after my mother, not Maureen O'Hara. My grannie named her after Maureen O"Sullivan (keeping the name in the family since my great grannie was a Sullivan. My grannie lived to be 94 and never suffered from dementia. I never had an infant Prague gown but I remember the nuns dressing him at St. Cecelia's church. I was once Queen of the May. I'd love to know how to steal 500,000.00 dollars by writing a blog. So far, I've gotten nothing—not even a ha-penny for all my blogging. She says "you want everyone on here to think you are so good and so sweet." LOL, I'm cranky as a polecat without a pole on a good day. As to the age of the gown, I can only say I was done with dressing dolls long before then. But thank you for the writing assignment.

from Facebook
(see the original flame male that inspired this, below.)

Great solstice gift—flame mail and an unknown person has access to my messages? I thought only friends could post. Anyone know Nancy Bural from Mesa, Colorado? I just got a flame message from her. No friends in common. Message in my Other Messages box. She follows me (apparently). Time to block her.

Even Weirder, Cableman Fos (whom I don't know from Adam, and we've one friend in common, John Seto) posted in my friends message box: I am foster, just surfing through here and came across your profile. You seem very unique/interesting. it will be nice for you and i to know ! Have a nice day.

I blocked them so they can't even follow me. Since there are so few Maureen Hurleys in the US, chances of misidentification are slim, at best. I think she's crazy too. John Seto says he doesn't know Cableman Fos, so that too is a bogus contact.. Deleted. Ewww. Creepy. Also, latest Facebook update changed my posting status from friends of friends to public. People might want to check settings.


I wonder if this deranged person was referring not to Maureen O'Hara, but to the harpist and singer, Mary O'Hara? She abandoned her career to become a Benedictine nun for 12 years after losing her husband at an early age. I'm not sure why she would accuse you of being "Mary O'Hara incarnet" (sic) though, as I don't believe Mary has done anything so nefarious as heisting half a million from her poor nutty sister.

The kook might also have been making a reference to the author, Mary O'Hara, who wrote My Friend Flicka and a couple of other horse novels, and who owned a horse ranch with her husband in Wyoming. I guess we'll never know.

Kevin— Maureen O'Hara, the writer. Puts it in context.  Incarnet? Is that like internet in your car?


Just what grandmother were you tallking about with the kilarney strawberries the one that died 2 months before you were born or the one that was 80 yrs old and suffering from severe demencia by the time you were 7 Just where did you get your equine expertise to creatique California Chrome. Not from your sister who really trained racehorses and did very well. Which end of a horse get up first. YOU MY NOT SO DEAR SISTER WOULDN"T KNOW WHICH END TO FEED OR WHICH END TO WIPE Now on to more important things what did your mother spend her life teaching you about thank you notes Wasn't it that you always sent one even if you didn't like or appreciate the gift. My question is why have I never received one from you for the infant of prague gown that i made and sent to you at the request of our mother That's right boys and girls i am her sister. And she really needs to write a blog on how to steal 500,000.00 dollars from your sister and make sure she can't fight you over it because you have all the money you want everyone on her to think you are so good and so sweet. if they only knew. You ARE NOTHING BUT MARY O'HARA INCARNET. Just why am I suppose to believe that Mom told you that she was happy you stole all the money but you don't have to believe thaty she wanted you to have the new gown for you infanf of prague your's was 30 yrs old.

So this is the Facebook post that generated Nancy Bural's rant:

Irish (or Killarney) strawberry tree fruit from my physical therapist's office. I climbed up on the hood of my car to pick the fruit, didn't realize I couldn't get back down without loosing my "strawberries." Squashed them all over the place. My grandmother often talked about eating them as a child, comparing their flavor to the haws of hawthorne trees. Our ornamental street tree, Arbutus x Marina is named after the Marina in San Francisco where it was hybridized. It's distantly related to our native madrone and manzanita. The story goes, that when the Spanish explorers landed here, they recognized our madrone (naming it madroño) as being related to the Arbutus unedo which is common throughout the Mediterranean: Portugal to Lebanon to Tunisia; Albania to Croatia, and some isolated trees in western Ireland. Sligo has the most northerly stand in the world, a remnant from the Atlantic period. It was introduced to England from Ireland in the 16th c. "one very fayre tree, called the Irish arbutis standing in the midle parte of the sayd kitchin garden, very lovely to look upon. Hieronymus Bosch's painting, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," was originally called " La Pintura del Madroño "The Painting of the Strawberry Tree." Pliny the Elder said 'unedo' means unum edo or "I eat one", and so I did.

Which led to this blog post:

Arbutus, Madroño, or a Strawberry Tree by any other name

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