Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bird in hand (again) Bewick's wren photo

Bird in hand (again). A Bewick's wren decided to move into the living room, then roundly scolded me because he couldn't find a way back out. 

He's a bit shocked that I caught him. He's regrouping. They say that birds will die if you catch them, but I've also learned, that if a bird that has crashed into a window, it will survive if you cup them in your hand (dark, warm place) until they come around, they'll live. 

He was positively cussing up a blue streak by the time I caught him and carried him outside. Then he decided my hand wasn't so bad after all. Grumbling all the while. Long narrow beak, a flycatcher, not a seed eater. I had to goose him in the ass in order to get him to fly off. He flew to the fence and gave me the what-for.

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