Thursday, December 15, 2016

Drought-breaker Day

It's been raining so hard, you practically need a snorkel out there. Most of the roads in San Rafael, Richmond and Oakland are canals. It's beginning to look a bit like Holland. The underside of my car is very, very clean. As are my brakes. Squeaky clean.

In San Rafael, the water was all the way up to 2nd Street ramp by noon, and the San Rafael exit, near the canal, was a duck's infinity pool. Water birds were churning all over the place. Seriously partying down. Luckily we veered to the left side of the exit, as the water was up to the bridge, and was at least a foot deep. The force of the water slowed us down quick.

We were late for our carol performance at Whistlestop Wheels. The parking lot was under two inches of water, and my boots decided to split their soles at that moment. It was a packed house. We sang extra hard to make up for it.

Hwy 580 northbound to the RIchmond Bridge was closed. Probably an accident. Luckily we're going the other way. In Richmond, the Gerrard exit was completely underwater at 4 PM. One guy drove down the meridian to avoid the puddle. More like a pond or inland sea by the train tracks, reminding us this was once marshlands.

Kinda exciting at Golden Gate Fields/Gilman exit too. There were actual waves surging across the intersection. I swear I saw Nessie frolicking by the racetrack.

I think the drought has been thoroughly trounced. Four years of praying for rain is ganging up on us. Now we're dancing just to get to the car without drowning. And Yahoo Weather must be seriously out of practice, as it predicted ZERO chance of rain today... Sunny this AM.

It's a deluge, practically Biblical. The epicenter seems to be south of here. Flash flood warnings throughout northern California. Pineapple Express has arrived. There goes the snowpack, which means, pradoxically, we're still in drought mode. And tonight there's the full moon and king tides....

Oh, and my camera died today....lens malfunction. It wasn't even a year old! I used to cry when my cameras died... so much of my identity. An extension of my eye, how I process things, really. Tears would only add to the flood.

And my clutch is failing. Every time we have to stop, I wonder if it's the end.

Car fixed, not clutch, but a leak in the hydraulic system. The camera, however, is toast.

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