Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I can't bring myself to delete 
the accounts of dead in Facebook
I still have Kathleene West's page. 
She sold me her cellphone for dirtcheap 
right before she committed suicide, 
and it was haunting to find her photos 
on the memory card after she had gone...
Jane Elsdon and Ann Menebroker 
are up to something, I know it...
I can hear Steve Kowit laughing 
maniacally in the other room.
Juanita Musson's cooking 
up a great feast in a washpan.
Speaking of Old Sausalito, 
Brite Bonnier's still painting.
And what about Pagan Neil?
Tom Hayden's dusting off his book, 
saying Poets don't pay. Ever.
And Norton Buffalo sometimes still visits 
from beyond the earthly Paradise, 
via fan photos. He fills the page.
Chris Caswell's ghost harp 
still plays in the wind.
Whitman McGowan's just stepped out 
of the room for a moment. Perhaps for a pint.
No, I can't delete them. No, not yet.


Michael Rothenberg (100Thousand Poets for Change) wrote that he was deleting dead friends on his Facebook page.My reply was a poem of sorts.

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