Sunday, October 11, 2015

Transliteration gone awry

I was practicing a poem aloud in Irish, but my speech recognition software, Dragon Dictate, was sneakily recording me. It made for a superb word salad of Misa Rafteri. It's so freakin' bizarre, that I had to record it three times just to see if there was any pattern or sense at all. I might go back and see if there is a phrase or two to salvage. But I think it's safe to say that Dragon Dictate does not recognize Irish. Not even tiny a little bit. So much for the Indo-European continuum. It's too weird to even steal lines from.
Cilla long dogfishes crawl the spoiler
Gonzalez to another skunk
wrong thing though she is a master list
soulless for three PhoneMag
if Tisha could get them on the fifth
and May the Mimiga Walla eggs cinnamon

the data must be finished by then
Mimiga Kuala eggs cinnamon

Michelin study Cilla long.
this is crawl the spoiler Gonzalez
to enough skunks wrong
they don't see a set of master list

soulless monthly phone
could get them on the fifth
and May the Mimiga Kawala eggs
cinnamon soiled of 4K follow

Study Cilla long Dulces's crawl
the soil or Gonzalez two and a skunk wrong
they don't see is that a master list soulless
monthly phone could get a monthly bill finish
May the Mimiga Kuala eggs cinnamon oil
the funky follow

This is the actual poem:

Mise Raifteirí, an file, lán dóchais is grá
I am Raftery, a poet full hope /love

le súile gan solas, ciúineas gan crá,
eyes without light silence without heart

ag dul síos ar m'aistear le solas mo chroí,
at going down on my journey to light my heart

fann agus tuirseach go deireach mo shlí;
faint and tired to the end of my road

féach anois me lem aghaidh ar Bhalla
look now my face at/against at Balla (a town) or wall

ag seinm cheoil do phócaí falamh.
at making /playing music with pockets empty

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