Sunday, October 18, 2015

White Peacock

This morning I threw on my Las Vegas Highland Games teeshirt, with its eulogized mascot, the missing white peacock. He's been missing from Floyd Lamb State Park for a couple of years now. Either a coyote got him, or maybe he was birdnapped. White peacocks are exceedingly rare. He was leucistic, not albino, he had expressive dark eyes.

I miss that old bird. Every time Neil would get on stage to sing, the paycock would hop on the black stage and join him. Then he'd do the I love you fandance tail thing. It was hysterical. The unlikely duo performed several sets like this together. We speculated that it must've been Neil's white hair that set the peacock off. And maybe his honeyed voice. Kindredness. But the peacock's version of singing was atrocious. Yelling Help! Help! when it wasn't even a Beatles song.

We all prefer to think he was birdnapped, someone stole in during the night and climbed one of the tall cottonwoods and grabbed him while he was sleeping. We curse the mysterious thief and wonder what kind of life that peacock is living now. That scenario is infinitely preferable to the other alternative, coyotes crunching bones. Of course, that whole wash is awash with bones—huge dinosaur bones, that is. You'd think they'd keep the coyotes busy and at bay.

I miss the one that used to hang out at the Las Vegas Highland Games at Floyd Lamb State Park. Every time Neil would get on stage to sing, so did the paycock. Then he'd do the fandance tail thing. Hysterical. Must've been Neil's white hair that set the peacock off. And his voice. (Peacock is leucistic, BTW, not albino...think blond. I guess polar bears could be construed as leucistic. We won't mention those pesky Irish bear genes in the pool.)

If,there's melanin around his nose and eyes. He's leucistic, with blue eyes. A true albino has no pigment whatsoever, so everything's pink (except feathers/fur), including his eyes. 

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