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Amazon no longer supports Kindle app on legacy Macs, I can't access my books!

Amazon Cloud: whatta crocka caca! Amazon no longer allows those of us with the legacy Kindle app on our legacy Macs /OS, to download our purchased books. My Kindle app for Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) no longer downloads or syncs content. This happened with NO advance warning that they were going to completely hamstring the old version of Kindle for Mac. Had I known, I would've downloaded everything. Especially my comments. Now I can't download any old, or new purchases. I can read what I have in my library, but now I can no longer sync between devices.

I spent a long time on Amazon Chat, airing my grievances with someone named Pooja, offshore. Amazon's solution: either upgrade to OS X.9 (not even remotely possible on this old Mac), or, use Amazon Cloud. 

What can I say? The Amazon Cloud Reader is awful awful awful. Buggy, unresponsive, it stalls, hangs, and that's just for starters. I can't stand watching rainbow beachballs and gears endlessly spinning. Forget about searching the text—something I do a lot of when I write reviews. It's stuck on "indexing." (Restart, again.) Amazon Cloud webpage takes up a half a GB real memory? And even more VM? And all my comments are gone. I use the comment tool a lot to flag typos, bad writing, good lines, etc., for my Amazon book reviews.

Seems like a grand potential class action lawsuit scenario, Amazon orphaning those of us who have legacy hard/software, from our legally purchased ebooks. Amazon's response, that I can read it on Amazon Cloud or my iPod (too tiny, too much eyestrain for these old challenged eyes), is beside the point, and it's not a viable solution. I get it that software developed in 2012 is long in tooth, and needs to be sunsetted, it's one thing to no longer update it, but to hamper its functionality, is just wrong. If you're in a similar predicament, I suggest that you complain to Amazon. (See my transcript below).

Maureen Hurley My Kindle app for Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) no longer downloads or syncs content. Your latest version is for Mac 10.9 or later. Do you have an archived edition of Kindle for Mac that's later than 1.10.6? Last time I tried to update my Kindle app, it wouldn't work. So I uninstalled it. and reverted back to the old version. I was told that it would indeed work but I had to deauthorize my account and I wasn't willing to do that as I didn't want to lose my genre collections. As of 10/15/2015 it worked fine, so why did you gut my app? Clearly you've killed it off without a warning, leaving me unable to read future Kindle content.

Pooja: Kindle for MAC is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher
To install Kindle for MAC application, you need to update the OS version on your MAC

Mo Hurley: Not willing to do that. Need another solution. Macs are too old to support OS 10.9.5. Suggest Amazon continue to support older legacy Macs, or a lot of people are going to be angry with Amazon. Just sayin'.

Pooja: I'm so sorry; at present, there is no other alternative to download the application.

Mo Hurley: We tend to keep our Macs running decades past their prime. And one of the ways we do that is to also keep the older OS in place. Any inconvenience? I can't access ANY new purchases. That's a whole lot more bother than "inconvenience." ...and " may have caused.... the problem is still causing inconvenience, and will continue to cause inconvenience, frustration and anger.

Pooja: I understand. I'm so sorry , there is no alternative to fix this problem. The Kindle for MAC is not supported with this OS version. Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to instantly read Kindle books through a web browser with no download or installation required.

Mo Hurley: Kindle Cloud is not very user friendly, it stalls, pages won't turn without a restart, there's no full screen option. Inelegant solution. I am so underwhelmed by the design of Amazon app for Mac.

Pooja: I understand Mo. As I said, I've forwarded the feedback to our software developer team and will try to get some alternative solution for this. Meanwhile you can use cloudreader to access books

Mo Hurley: Unfortunately, my solution will most likely be to move over to iBooks and be done with Amazon, and its marginalized software. I don't understand why a behemoth such as Amazon can't develop stellar software, and solid webpages. It has the resources to fund R&D several times over. Hint: Adobe Flash content is not the answer.

Pooja: I understand your concern and your frustration Mo. Please give us another chance to work on this and we will try to get the best solution for this

Mo Hurley: But in general, there doesn't seem to be much support of r Mac. I get that Amazon and Apple are having a standoff tiff. But punishing Mac users is inexcusable. And it sure seems like Amazon has taken a stance that it doesn't really need to support Mac user, in general. Now, no support at all for software that worked last month? That's entirely Amazon's doing, not the fault of my legacy Mac. I mean how hard is it to continue to support Amazon's legacy app? Or offer an interim solution?

Pooja: We will surely look for the alternative solution for this Mo. We will get back to you via email when we have a solution for this. I'll personally follow up with this

Mo Hurley: Most software companies continue to offer old software app alongside the latest version. And, if there's a problem, they WARN users, they don't leave them hanging, literally. Hopefully Amazon actually listens to customer suggestions. But here we are. You're offshore, fielding customer complaints as graciously as you can, and I'm upset because I can't read purchased books and Amazon Cloud is a joke. How far does this process actually go? Does someone actually evaluate this?

Pooja: We do care our customers. I'll escalate this to our software developer team and email you the ticket ID so that you can keep a track on the status.

Mo Hurley: Amazon Cloud needs: Full screen capability (like Firefox). It needs more typefaces. And some BOLDER typefaces, or the ability to embolden them, like when you click on the bar at the bottom, they typeface becomes bold, making it easier to read. It needs more typeface SIZE increments. There's a huge leap between 14 and say 18 point. Thank you for taking the time, and for the ticket ID, usually it's a canned response. Alas.

Pooja: I'll make sure to follow up with this and keep you updated with the status

Mo Hurley: I'm sure I'll have more suggestions for Amazon Cloud. But I only used it for one book, and was constantly irritated by its inelegance.I can only imagine what it's like on a s l o w internet connection. I'm also thinking that this is a legal issue in that Amazon is denying me access to my purchased content. Not a very wise move.

Pooja: We aren't denying you to access your purchased content. You can instantly access the content via cloudreader , your kindle for iPad application You are not allowed to access on kindle for MAC as it is not supported on your OS version

Mo Hurley: Amazon Cloud is terrible, and iPad app is too hard for my age-challenged eyes to read for any length of time. This is why I prefer to read via Kindle for Mac app. Easy on the eyes. Less eyestrain. Amazon Cloud is less than "instant, " BTW. It hems and haws, is buggy. Looking at my book now on Amazon Cloud. The joy is gone. Sadly. bye!

Pooja: yes. I understand Mo. Please allow us to work on this and find a best alternative solution for this. Thanks for your valuable feedback Mo. We regularly work on the iimprovements and we will make sure to take these into consideration Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Have a great day. Please click the "End Chat" link to close this window.
It's Amazon that's severed the functionality of its own software, not Apple's technology in this case. The reason why Apple technology lasts so long is because it's well made, unlike most PCs, so yes, my MacBookPro 3,1 (2007) and my old Macbook 1 (2006) are very long in tooth, but they still work great, and are both used all day long—and hard. They are still faster than many a newer PC laptop. The old MBP is faster than my 2009 MacBook—I souped them all up too w/ max memory & SS HDs, The intel architecture has changed, so it's not the MacBook's fault that it can't support OS X.9. I've blown up a few Macs, but it's usually the power supply, and capacitors, in the case of my G5 PPC iMac, still I got several years use out of it. Sweet matte screen for editing photos. All of these macs were used, BTW.
Seeing as I've had Macs with wifi since its inception, and all my wifi cards are still working, I think that wifi failure story is apocryphal! The wifi card in my PPC iLamp (2004) still works fine too, but I ethernet it as the G4 is so slow! It's stuck at OS X.4.9 Tiger. (Of course they're not iPhones, but we did have an iPhone 4 that worked just fine solely over wifi, but Neil lost it. It was like having a mini iPad.

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