Friday, March 28, 2014


Flotsam & jetsam
on the kitchen floor again

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that last line—cheap bank shot. A 6th grader actually used it as his own poem in one of Neil's poetry classes and he—new to the wiles of young plagiarists—fell for it.

Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense.
Refrigerator. —Rolf Nelson

Between you, me and the fence, I don't think Rolf actually wrote it. But he got first dibs credit for it when he slapped it on a teeshirt design for

Ahem. Tap, tap. Take 2. Where were we?

Flotsam & jetsam
on the kitchen floor again
midnight snack shoreline

Messy kitchen floor:
I sing "Neil has eaten" to
Morning Has Broken

Dental floss—really?
kitchen floor's toothy practice
Late snack cavities

Tooth floss on the floor
Too far to toss, lazy? Or
trashbin lid glued shut?

Dental floss—thin worms
turning trash into soil
Crumbs seeding the floor

Secret late night snacks
a buffet of detritus
rings the kitchen floor

Ants ring last night's crumbs
like cowboys and indians
Snack patrol posse

I herd evidence
to the jaws of the dustpan
devouring crumbs

Broom song sweeps across
a kitchen floor crumb buffet
Dustpan mouth awaits

Late night snacku full
of empty calorie words
thickens the waistline

Counting syllables
playing a piano scale
left-handed solo

I don't like to count
words, but here I am counting
haiku insanity

(yeah, yeah, last line is six syllables.

Haiku are made of
Five syllables then seven
Then end with five more. —Anon

At least Anon's more honest than some.)

Numeric madness
a haiku insanity
unleashed on the page

Kitchen floor round up
riding shotgun with broom locked
& loaded again

A good thing the broom
isn't loaded or there'd be
a feast of carnage

A Rainman moment
counting last night's crumbs like rocks
no frogpond in sight

A good thing the thief
can't hear carnal kitchen thoughts
scribbled on the floor

Crumb calligraphy
commemorates late night snack
for literate ants

Ant literacy
written on counters and floors
erased by a broom

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