Friday, March 7, 2014

Kirk Whipple, Marilyn Morales, with special guests Bob Afifi & Maureen Hurley perform Elemental Portraits at Sebastopol Center for the Arts

We had a blast performing Elemental Portraits: Nocturnes for Two Pianos at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
Kirk Whipple & Marilyn Morales Duo Pianists & Compsoers in Concert
Kirk Whipple Marilyn Morales, Duo Pianists Composers (Press Democrat)

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We also performed at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa, but there were no programs, just a poster. I wasn't listed on it. It was also poorly advertised (other than on Facebook), so we had a small turnout. But it was there, where I got my groove back—after being so long away from those poems.
Hangtime: Whipple & Morales, Duo Pianists & Composers in Concert
Facebook: Whipple & Morales, Duo Pianists & Composers in Concert

In the mid 1990s, Kirk and I did a collaboration where I wrote poetry while he composed musical portraits of Sonoma County musicians. As he composed, I freewrote to the music, then I interviewed him (also his dream journal), then I interviewed the people the portraits were composed for. I put it all together.

The last time we performed Elemental Portraits was in in Onset, Ma., in 2008: 
Cranberry Coast Concerts Sun Chronicle. ArtsBoston

More on Cranberry Coast Concerts at MySpace
More on the poems at the Unconservatory website:
Elemental Portraits: Nocturnes for Two Pianos (the poetry)

Blast from the Past: Here's a link to our debut performance way back in 1997. I was in a car accident on June 18th of that year, so I never had my debut. A punctured lung precluded my participation at the events on June 28 and 29.  We did perform a preview at the Friedman Center on Mother's Day.  It was hotter than Hades. And it was a luncheon. Nothing like the clatter of silverware during a performance. 
More on the process in 2010 with composer Allaudin Mathieu of Cold Mountain Music, on Literrata: Out of the Blue

And a version of the piece here at: Red Room

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