Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Porcupinefish photobomb. NBC News/Weird Science

I used to tweak the tails of pufferfish. They exploded into thorny blimps, it was hard to take their threats seriously. They'd puff up, and drift like hot-air balloons and scull with tiny fins. Their whimsical fish-lip smile didn't exactly scream Danger, Will Robinson. Then I noticed how they had indigo eyes—like the heart-shaped eyes of peacock feathers—saying: please don't eat me. OK, so this is a photo of a porcupinefish, not a pufferfish—but they're close kin. Just don't eat their Japanese cousins. Because fugu or sayonara might be the very last words you'll ever say.

added & revised 2/17

Facebook memory

first draft: Pufferfish photobomb. Whenever I snorkeled, I used to tweak their tails to make them puff up. They have the most amazing eyes—like the eyes of peacock feathers. They scull with tiny fins like little blimps.OK, so this is a porcupinefish, not a pufferfish—very close cousins. Just don't eat their Japanese cousins. Fugu is the very last word you'll say.

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