Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hoodlum 'possum on the porch
has a thing or two about empty bowls
not bearing gifts of duck food
he thinks by right, belong to him
so each night, seeking revenge,
he knocks off the bench,
yet another glass mixing bowl—
his calling card of shattered stars.


Anonymous said...

We have lived at 110 Resaca Ave in Forest Knolls since 1983. We have been told that our is the house Jerry Garcia lived in too. Red house at the bottom of Resaca on the right.
Very old, two story, garage on the bottom, living on top. House sits to the back of the property. Usto be next to the old post office. (gone now) Does this sound like the house you remember?

You must know the Wilson's that still own the bar. Dickson Ranch???
Grace & Chuck. Dawn Ellen daughter?
Kristi Swift

Maureen Hurley said...

Hi Kristi, yes, I know the house you mean. When my cousin was young, she went into Jerry's house and helped herself to the medicine cabinet.

Kristi, I'm worried about leaving your AOL address as part of this comment thread. Do you want to resend so I can delete your link?