Sunday, February 23, 2014

Old Posts, New Posts

Distracted by surgery, and by a rocky recovery (pain meds and I didn't see eye to eye and upchucking is not my favorite extreme ab sport), it seems I've neglected to post anything for 2014, and here we are marching up to March.

This is not to say that I haven't been active. I've some drafty pieces lifted from Facebook posts to process. I've also been busy rearranging my old posts from the 1980s and 1990s that were crammed into the years 2007 and 2008. Yeah, I get that it was an inelegant solution. But I had to post them somewhere.

While attempting to consolidate my poems alphabetically on a linear timeline—think apples and oranges—I got the bright idea to store the ABC titled poems in January 2008, DEF poems in February 2008, and so on. Tediously swimmingly is all I can say about the process. It's a real pain in the blog to attempt to do this on Blogger. But, I can no longer find anything, and who remembers poem titles anyway?

Having old news stories from the 1990s stashed amid poems and prose written in 2007 was particularly frustrating. I couldn't find anything, and I was double-posting poems.

As I was moving some posts, I accidentally typed 2005 instead of 2008 on one poem as I hit the publish button. The poem took off for the hinterland. I thought, uh-oh. I guess that post will disappear into cyber space. Lucky I have back ups.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could backpost work from previous to 2007, this is before blogging was invented. I proceeded with caution thinking there's no way I could possibly publish 2001 work under 2001. It worked!

I was off to the races, rearranging old posts to the point of completely gutting most of my 2008 and 2007 posts. I left the Letters section stet, and I'm running into some SNAFUs with alphabetizing poems in 2008 as I actually wrote other things in 2008. Debate is to do everything by creation date. But poems are notoriously hard to keep track of in this format.

I guess I should've used a different template (none were available way back when in 2007 when this blog was first hatched). Why I had so much room during 2007 was because I let the blog lie fallow for a year or two—which also prompted my filling up years 2007 & 2008 with old stuff.

What I need is another room in my blog, a storage locker, or an attic for poems—so I can arrange them alphabetically, not just by creation date. Or perhaps I should begin a 2nd blog for poems, but I dread the thought of splitting my work. I'm a messy writer, I like to brood over my words. I don't know if I'll keep this format, but it sure is nice to have a gaggle of old poems at the ready. I've been cut off from them for decades. It's like finding old friends.

Poems from the 1980s and 1990s now live in the 2008, beginning with January here or here:
►  2008 (152)
(I haven't decided what to do with poems written during 2000 to 2006, whether to keep this format, or post by year, now that I can move them around. Poems from 2007 to time-present are now posted by creation date which creates a right mess. What year did I write it? I can hardly remember how old I am. And daily getting older, so it seems. Did I mention I was also dyslexic?

Old news posts that were previously crammed into 2007 are now listed by year created. Imagine! Except the Letters. They should move too, but I'm tired and I've more concerns about my old poem files as I've discovered I can't open many Word/Works 4 files, and if I can open them, they're loaded with crazy symbols and artifacts.

In fact, most of the Word 5 poems, even with the Word Translator, are a bit gobbelygooky—especially the foreign language words, and translations AGH!!! Adding another level of stress to the chore. Will it open? Do I have a backup? OI hate obselescence. But here it is on my bloggy doorstep. I won't mention what I had to do to rescue those news file, let's just say several old computers and new file expanders were involved. It all began to go south when my PPC iMac bit the cyberdurt. I was blissfully unaware, that Snow Leopard would freeze me out and be so incompatible.Tiger, it ain't.

What's left of 2007 is here:
►  2007 (54)

Only caveat with all this activity, is that at the moment Blogger thinks I'm a spammer, or a robot, so if I post anything new, like this piece, I get the captchas form hell. 

All old posts are now listed by year created. So much easier to comprehend.
My mind is still blown that I can even do this. I've been spending an inordinate amount of time admiring this list. When did Blogger allow backposting by year decades before Blogger itself was even hatched? I know I tried to do this ca. 2009, and again in 2010, to backpost blogs previous to a 2007 founding date, and I got all kinds of dire warnings and red flashing bits. Still holding my breath, so far, so good..

Another typo—I discovered that you can't post before 1970. OK, so I'm shifting everything to its creation date. A work in progress.

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