Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The weekend storm was merely a drop in the drought bucket—except on Mt. Tamalpias, and on the ridge above Rio Nido. There it was a deluge in biblical proportions. During the weekend, the Pineapple Express dumped over 23 inches of rain all in one place!  The mountain stole all the rain (that's why we need trees—to tickle the clouds and attract moisture). There's a reason why Mt. Tam is so steep on the ocean side, the rain shears the sides. Like in Hawaii. I'm trying to wrap my mind around 23 inches all at once! That's more than San Francisco's collective annual rainfall of 21 inches in nine months. San Francisco received little over two and a half inches. Most of of the rain wound up in the Stinson Beach parking lot and it swept it out to sea. Was a time when the the Seadrift spit was an island and Bolinas Lagoon was open on both sides. A little more rain, and Seadrift might be an island once again. Meanwhile, parched South Bay got almost no rain at all, nor did the rest of California—from Sacramento on south. San Jose received a quarter of an inch of rain. Wow. We're still in drought mode, folks. Batten down, and carry on. Don't flush twice. It's all right.

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