Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Queen Madness on Facebook

I am feeling very Red Queen tonight.
As in "Off with their heads!!!
Off with they tiny feckin' heads!

I'm not seeing News Feed wall posts from many friends—I've not blocked anyone either (Well, maybe you. Haha.) It seems FB arbitrarily decides who's posts appear in our News Feed. I sleuthed it out & at the bottom of this page is an edit button that suggests how many friends—it was set at 100, but I only get posts from 15-20 people on my wall—plenty enough to read...but I thought others might have noticed it too.

I thought everybody left FB! I found that you have to choose which friends feeds you want to see:

First choose how many: mine was set at 100. Number of Friends Control how many friends you want shown in Live Feed. A higher number means you will see ne
w posts more frequently. Maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed, And this one: you have to actually click on who you want to see: there were about 20 people chosen.

I didn't choose it so FB must've chosen for me. But I've only been seeing a few people's feeds—especially since the new privacy links were established. I realized something was up when a friend said I wasn't reading the posts—I almost missed a party invite. 
I think FB choses my friends based upon who responds to each other's posts.
FWIW: I do hide all games. I hates 'em, I do.Ya, and now iPhone 4 has Farmville. Excuse me while I barf on my left foot.

Like I said, I block them all. Do you know how to block applications from friends? Hover mouse on right side of name and hit the button, you'll be given a choice of the game or the person.

 Off with they tiny little heads!

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