Sunday, June 6, 2010

Facebook Typos

Facebook pages laden with typos make me cranky.

David G. Dinsmore Ya, me to.

Maureen Hurley Aw, go eat some feckin' fish food!

Malcolm Carden U gys no eech oter?

Genevieve Lim Yeah, for an ol' spelling bee champ, it's irksome to see how spelling's degenerated.

Lin Marie DeVincent ha ha, you set yourself up on this one, Maureen! I used to get annoyed, now I do it 2!

Maureen Hurley I don't mind creative spelling or numbers for letters; what rilly get's my goat are exces's a'postrophe's and your for you're, etc.... as in "Hope your well." What about my fecking well? Want me to shove you down it? Of course, you know Malcolm's got a well in his basement where he shoves unwanted dinner guests if they don't eat all their Ps & Qs! 

And Dave, well, we're related. However I can always post some sans-diaper shots of him swigging a beer bottle & eating cigarette butts if needs be.  

Genny, I too was a spelling bee champ—the big breaker word was antidisestablishmentarianism—piece a cake in 3rd grade!

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