Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bald Eagle Sighting

Newly re-established bald eagles nesting over Kent Lake, Marin Co., are eating osprey chicks. Osprey nests plummeted from 70 to 30—so says high school classmate, Steve Emery.

I saw bald eagles circling over the Russian River near Cazadero in the early 1990s—the osprey (aka sea eagles—but hawk-sized) all dove for cover. Someone said they were nesting. Or, maybe they were passing through. I wonder if those bald eagle made it south to West Marin to shack up?

The reason I ask is because most bald eagles spend their summers in Canada and Alaska. True "snowbirds," they migrate down to the balmier states and northern Mexico during the winter months. But come spring, bald eagles return to the place where they were born to build their nests. Places like San Juan Island and Saltspring Island where they're so plentiful the look like Christmas tree ornaments.

As a child I saw golden eagles in West Marin—even a lone condor (once) with a very BIG wingspan. Last time I saw a condor in the wild, was at Big Sur in the 1970s. But never a bald eagle. That, I would've remembered.

And yes, even at a young age—I knew my raptors. My grandmother taught me the names of flora and fauna from the time I could keep up with her on early morning hikes.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

I was waiting for the bus this week on the NE corner of College & Ashby when a falcon swooped over College; in the canyon between the buildings it made to elegant circles and I got a fine look at its underside before it disappeared over the bank behind me.