Monday, January 1, 1979

To an Eclipse in the Moon - dark Past

To an Eclipse in the Moon - dark Past
Deep sleep lies down within the well gone dry amid boquet of rags on the carpet
fingers explore and massage the erotic zones of the mind the depths of ecstacy dangle on a phallic cross painted red
Paint it red
Paint it red Lately she has taken to painting the lips of her mouth a fragment of the true cross is lodged within her bones, her breast she sought a reflection of it" but her eyes , they cast no shadow in the mecuriaal glass
The church bells are ringing
The bells of the church
They are ringing
The bleedings begun
The bleedings begun What are those flecks of white so like the stars growing upon her feet?
It is the skin
Skin of the dead
Skin of the dead She must wash it away with her hair , lest it adhere and grow there
Let it grow
Let it grow there He was born(some say he was born) during the full of the eclipse moon the eaten eclipse of dragons blood, and he was a man disguised as himself
The needs of the flesh
Made flesh , proud flesh
Being eaten among you
The blood of the dying
The bleedings begun His fingers make sing to another song of her cunt liquid runs in her veins, liquid fire thrust down deep withtn her she is strung out on beads of lapis and bloodstone sweat trickles down between her breasts, she is liquid in the well liquid night of the stars to melt down the yolk of the moon, half eaten see the silver crest of the cock as it crows for the light of the egg flickering stars witness the ritual cannibalism of cocks egg
Visions of pressed wrinkled
Splintered bloody bone
Crushed beneath the weight
The bleedings begun Her bare feet christen the pine steps as she walks like champagne flowing down from the bow of a boat at baptism clouds pass behind the moon moving with the wind
wind... and the flagellation of trees as they whip at the night air she sits with the wind ,and the moon on the horizon she follows it across the ocean on a breath they speak to each in their own
Behold the body
Visions of the flesh
Being eaten among you
The bleedings begun

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