Monday, January 1, 1979



My belly in your hands
undulating 'til it swells as round as the glass float
that broke loose from the fishermen's net
carried by the Japanese current

past the fog shrouded coast of Hokkaido,
past Russia, the Bering Straights,
to the shores of California
where waves deposited it on fine sand.
- a glistening ruby of the sea.

Making a journey up the coastline of your body
my breasts envelop that firm resistance
a soft frothy cradle for your blind mouth
to spill the surgences of the sea in my kelp hair,

Gentle bells, my breasts softly swaying
two windblown tulips
their nipples the center of the flower
- a stamen for your lips.

In the dark, your hands reaching for me
as I sit astride, I am a dancer 
with back arched to the wind.

added 2/2017 this sounds like a first draft of

The red glass float from the fisherman's net
rides the Japanese current past the Russian coast
and the Bering Straits to California
where it glistens like a jewel in the sand.
Making the journey down the coastline of your body,
my breasts cradle your blind mouth.
The essence of the sea spills into kelp hair.
From the net, your hand uncovers precious stones
and the arching dolphins at the crest of the wave
rise in the wind like love's cry.

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