Monday, April 17, 2017

International Haiku Poetry Day; I NEVER DANCED

Today is International Haiku Poetry Day. National Poetry Month. April 17, 2017. very 17ish. A prime number.

April poetry
month, 17 syllables
& counting it's a wrap.

Word dance, a two-step
a slow waltz, counting the words
towards fruition.

Counting syllables
for haiku day, didn't say

(It's an old haiku joke). See some of my haiku.


No, I never danced with my father
No silly daddy-daughter dance,
where I stood on his feet
like a marionette
as he swooped in giant strides
across the dance floor
no father-daughter wedding dance.
Nor did I do the solemn two-step
down some church aisle
to be passed off as chattel
to another man. Or three.
I was never a bride to be given away.
No, I danced to my own rhythm,
I freely gave myself away
to men dancing on the horizon
only to find that it was
a chattel world after all.


PAD challenge: dance

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