Saturday, April 15, 2017

Back Spasm 2.0

Most of my trapeizius/rhomboid back spasm 2.0 is dissipating (probably triggered from too much coughing). Just talking about coughing makes me cough! My T6-T8 vertebrae are acting up. A realignment would be good. Still hurts to take a breath, but at least I can roll over and get up out of bed.Vast improvement from Thursday when I couldn't even get up off the couch. Thought I was having a heart attack!

Luckily I have strong core muscles, but negotiating around a hysterical spazzy back is tricky, at best. Everything's all Danger, Will Robinson. No talking a proper spasm down out of the tree when it goes off.

First round was after a spate of coughing two weeks ago. I thought I was so over it. I managed to hike up Loma Alta, while trying to sip air through lungs that didn't want to cooperate. Reminded me of the time I had a punctured lung, where every breath was a losing battlefield.

Oh, to be able to take a full deep breath without it overreacting. I'm definitely winged, or is it de-winged? Wearing my electronic muscle stimulator 24-7; the minute the spasm shakes its sabre at me, I turn the sucker on and zap it. Best $200 I ever spent. IREST Massager uses goo-covered electrodes to jiggle the muscles into submission. But this isn't a muscular strain. It's a systemic reaction from sitting too long in proper chairs. My back goes out. Probably from Neil's gig last week.

I am getting rather tired of lying flat. But that's the only position that brings prolonged relief, and thus, the end of said spasm. Haven't had a decent spasm in years. Stupid things trigger it: coughing, sneezing, farting...just wanted to see if you were still reading this. Needless to say, the anti-tax march is happening without me.

Getting mad at it doesn't seem to work. Nor does stretching. Sun feels good. As does a shower. The heating pad helps, chiaropractor is & tomorrow. Trying to do this cold-turkey, Advil upsets my GI tract lots, but brings relief. And I hate Flexeril, what it does to the brain. Binge watching Aussie medical drama, All Saints. All that soft porn talk of morphine drips has me mesmerized.

I think the original trigger was sitting too long in regular chairs—it usually is. I'm ok if I sit all cockeyed, and slouched over like a PIcasso painting, but the minute I sit all organized n a rigid chair, my spine pays. Stationary stress syndrome from an old car accident resurrects itself, pays its last respects.

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