Tuesday, April 18, 2017

TAX DAY looon (haiku)

Tuesday: both death and taxes
So I missed the deadline twice over
The Ides of April and today.

Either way, I don't care
The taxman cometh, and he taketh away
No money to pay him.

Empty pockets, broken piggy bank
There's no money to fix my teeth
My car running on empty.


Instead of doing my taxes
I researched Arabic words embedded in Spanish
mostly civic/legal terms: incarceration, irrigation, taxation.

Arabic oddities embedded in Spanish:
pillow, carpet, bedspread, textiles, alcohol, and alms.
Iberians had no bedding, blankets, or clothing?


A  looon, a type of haiku championed by John Oliver Simon, is 5/7/5 words, instead of syllables.

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