Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cracked my lower #31 molar

Cracked my lower #31 molar all the way down to the gumline. Owwww. I've been in incredible pain—beyond belief—enveloped the entire side of my head, since Friday afternoon. I thought it was a migraine or a stellar earache at first. Pain finally declared itself and localized on Monday, a toothache, but no abscess.

I've been to a dentist and an endodontist, next up is the oral surgeon. Everyone is very urgent. They say the tooth can't be saved—crack is too deep. I haven't been able to eat since Friday—other than swallow food whole. Not recommended. Any wisdom (or jokes) to share about getting a tooth extracted? 

I do have all my wisdom teeth, TG...they were all so sure it was a wisdom tooth issue. I said Step away from my wisdom teeth. They're mine and I plan to keep them. They laughed. I'll still have two molars in a row to grind up my food. I go in at 11AM today (cancelled yesterday, I wasn't ready...) I'm terrified. Never had a tooth pulled before. Never had a toothache either.

I'm in that slender boat. Can't take pain meds. I barf them across the room. I can't believe I can tolerate Advil this long *since Fri). but so far, so good. Oil of clove and Scotch as a mouthrinse seems to help. I've been a TMJ gnasher, I've snapped at the air, bitten my tongue, all in my sleep. Fractures occur, and the tremendous amount of pressure on our lower jaws finishes them off when you bite down wrong on a tiny little seed, etc.

It's done, I'm toothless in Gaza. Well, I'm minus one tooth, packed in gauze, but I still have more teeth than the average bear as I still have all my wisdom teeth. SO was a not very smart tooth pulled? Some silly putty.

I had to pay the dentist, the endodontist and the oral surgeon. Wisdom tooth is pretty well rooted in my jaw, so it's not going to move much, says the oral surgeon. The other molar might move but apparently teeth tend to move forward, not backward in the mouth. Who knew? In three months I can get a titanium bolt shot into my jaw and a fake tooth added. Need to price them out.

Swishing with saltwater after every time I eat. At least I can now eat soft food. It was pretty surreal getting a tooth pulled. Eating is still tricky business. I was using whisky as a swish gargle to numb the pain, followed by oil of clove, then waited for the Advil to kick in. A good thing about a whisky gargle, is that you can drink it when you're done. I whipped out my flask every time it became unbearable. It got so that I began to like the taste of whisky as it killed the pain...LOL

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