Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Read or to E-Read a Book Question

I've a memoir of traveling across the USSR in Writing the Rails.

I love books. I love owning and holding books. I trill my fingers along their spines in bookstores. I have so many books, I no longer buy them. I pornographically stroke them, but I don't look under their hoods, or rather, I don't read them. Well. My eyes no longer work well. That's the real problem. Since my eyes refuse to cooperate with normal-size text, let alone, small text, even with glasses, I like having e-readers about. I can backlight and enlarge the text size, and escape into pure fiction. When I can't find a digital version of a book, then I resort to my hard-copy books. But I can't read them, especially those pesky 10-point footnotes, so I use my eye-Pad camera to enlarge the text and say, "Take that, you four-eyed suckers." Truth be known, even 12-point type, the industry standard, eludes my eyes. So I'm an e-reading anachronism with my iPad at the ready to enlarge the printed page.

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