Thursday, July 23, 2015


If I were a container
If I was a source of light
I'd be a constellation
Take yourself back to your first house
Slither to the center
If you were an object what would you be?
If I was a color, an animal, an auto, musical instrument
Things that speak to you

Starter lines:
I am I am not
I remember
I forgot
My heart says
My soul, mind, hair...


I am without words
The family transports
6 million pieces of angst in every room
 I am not bittersweet
Only the iron tracks of the train
A stunning constellation
The silver center
My happiness,
Alone candle
By the river
The ears of the night listening
Blue pianos
Rivers of singing stones
The Apurimac of Andean tears
The glaciers?
Rhythm paints the creator of rock.

July 23, 2015

I must've been practicing with my iPad. I don't even remember this...found in discarded Gmail drafts....

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